From now on, the harvest is under control

Thanks to a simple application for the phone and computer, you always know how much produce you have collected and how much you have to pay employees. In real time, wherever you are.

With Brigadier, you comprehensively manage field workers and the work of foremen.

Control the harvest. Always up to date.

Easy harvesting software.

Brigadier is a response to the needs and challenges of growers who grow fruit, vegetables and mushrooms harvested by hand. With Brigadier, it literally takes seconds to register a harvest.

Web-based access and a compatible mobile application for smartphones will allow you to instantly generate the current view of the situation in your fields, without investing in equipment.

Real-time harvest traceability.

All data collected on crops by the foremen's smartphones are also immediately available on your device. Brigadier enables displaying of data in the form of several reports. You follow online the efficiency of your harvesters, payments and the current amount of your produce.

From now on, you do not need to carry out an inventory – in the application you can always see the current amount of harvested products.

How does it work?

In season


Your smartphone foremen scan codes for employees, fields and packages. On your computer or smartphone, you track in real time the amounts owed to harvesters, the time and place of origin of each product package collected.

Out of season.


Brigadier can handle more than just the harvest. In the off-season, you can use it to account for other field work, for example cutting and weeding or other maintenance work on the plantation. It makes no difference whether the employees work on piecework or are paid by the hour.

Online and offline


Brigadier works properly regardless of whether you currently have internet access or not. Data is queued and reloaded correctly as soon as you are within range of the network again.

Start digitising your crops with Brigadier's 3 simple elements


Web application. Real-time quantitative and qualitative analysis of the harvest in conjunction with a map of your fields. A wide range of reports allows you to make better management decisions, improve delivery logistics and quickly respond to market orders.


Barcodes that identify your pickers and product packaging.


Easy smartphone application. It allows you to associate the work done with a specific picker and accurately calculate payments, regardless of whether you pay your employees by the hour, for packages or for piecework.

Why is it worth it?

The benefits of Brigadier on your farm


Quick payment of seasonal workers along with the control of their effectiveness


Real-time harvest management


Work offline and online


Unlimited number of employees


Registration of hourly work and piecework


Savings on the costs of incorrect payments and complaints




Quality control of work and produce


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The biggest benefit of implementing Brigadier in my company is the ability to track a registered harvest in real time. Due to the fact that in Brigadier the harvest data is available online from anywhere with access to the internet, I always know how much fruit I have harvested on a given day and how much produce I have to sell. Since we have had Brigadier in the field, we also know how much should be paid to a given employee, which significantly speeds up the payment process.

Paweł Dąbrowski, owner


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Thanks to the advancement of technology, digitisation of plantations is now easier than ever, and smart harvesting is – literally – within reach. All you have to do is reach for the phone. Until recently, it was necessary to purchase special devices, such as data collectors or scanners. Modern solutions do not need them. In this way, the costs of investing in specialised equipment are eliminated, and a smartphone equipped with a properly designed application will serve both as a scanner and as a mobile device to control the harvest and payments with employees.

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Frequently asked questions

As part of the 7-day Trial, we provide you with the full range of Brigadier features at no charge. In the Trial option, as the plantation owner, you can enter 1 foreman.

Yes. In the subscription model, you can flexibly adjust the packages according to your needs. You can change both the number of foremen and the duration of the subscription.

Brigadier is billed on the basis of your order placed online on our store's website. It depends on the selected subscription plan and the number of foreman accounts.

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