Cropchart Manager - Cropchart

Browse the digital crop cards of your contractors.

Trace the source of the raw material and the history of agrotechnics.

  • Digitize relationships with growers
  • Plan and monitor the work of agronomists.
  • Make purchase offers without intermediaries.
  • Record the history of offers and negotiations.

You can give out the farmer application for keeping a digital field card to your suppliers for free.

Create a free account and view the application from the inside.

How does it work?

Achieve your sustainability goals by collecting data on suppliers and crops digitally.


Say goodbye to cupboards full of folders. Choose a "digital cupboard" in the cloud, integrated with your contractors' electronic field cards.


You can check the locations of all the contracted crops on the interactive map in the application. You always know where and who the raw material comes from.


Communicate with contractors automatically – directly from the platform. Automate internal audit of producers.


Quickly find information and generate reports during external audits. Follow the agrotechnic history of all crops that interest you.

Benefits for your organisation.


A platform for establishing business relationships with farmers.


Tracing the sources of origin and history of the raw material being bought/sold.


Digital document workflow for secure communication.


Your archive of business contacts and negotiations.


The possibility of buying/selling without intermediaries.


Reduction of the company's costs thanks to the digitisation of business contacts.

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No investment in equipment and infrastructure.

We can adapt Cropchart Manager to the specifics of your organisation and enrich it with

  • Dedicated modifications
  • Dedicated modifications and application Features personalised for processes in your company

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